Sen. Wilcox to Serve on Property Tax Relief Task Force

McHenry, IL. – State Sen. Craig Wilcox is among the lawmakers who will serve on the newly-created statewide Property Tax Relief Task Force. 

“There are two important aspects to the property tax issue that I hope we address,” said Sen. Wilcox (R-McHenry). “Unfunded state mandates and the costs they push onto local governments, which fuel property tax increases; and consideration of longstanding community members who are in a financial situation – after their productive work years – who are now being taxed out of their homes because of rising property tax rates.” 

Sen. Wilcox was recently appointed to the task force by Senate Republican Leader Bill Brady. 

“Senator Craig Wilcox understands how important this issue is to his constituents,” said Leader Brady.  “As a member of this task force, he will provide an invaluable perspective on this important issue.” 

The task force is planning statewide public hearings. Their specific responsibilities include; 

  • Identifying the causes of increasingly burdensome property taxes across Illinois, 
  • Reviewing successful public policy strategies that create short-term and long-term property tax relief for homeowners, and 
  • Making recommendations about what steps Illinois government needs to take to provide property tax relief.

“I know many citizens have ideas on what can or should be done. I hope constituents will reach out to me at with their thoughts and ideas,” said Wilcox. 

Wallet Hub, the online personal financial website, noted earlier this year that Illinois has the second highest property taxes in the nation, based on property tax bills for median home values. 

The task force, which includes appointees selected by the Governor and legislative leaders, will work in conjunction with the Illinois Dept. of Revenue, the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget, and the State Board of Education. 

An initial report outlining administrative, electoral and legislative changes must be submitted to the Governor’s Office and General Assembly within 90 days. The task force must complete its work and submit a final report by December 31, 2019. Senate Bill 1932, which created the Task Force, was signed into law August 2.


Craig Wilcox

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