Senator Wilcox: On ethics, talk is cheap. Action is required.

The following is a statement from Senator Craig Wilcox, after the General Assembly adopted a resolution Nov. 14 creating a commission to study ethics reforms:

“Ethical scandals in both chambers of our Capitol, and elsewhere in Illinois politics, has shaken the confidence of Illinois residents. The recently-proposed solution of a partisan ethics commission to ‘talk about’ reforms is not enough. 

The residents of Illinois deserve, and should demand, better. Senate Republicans have introduced meaningful ethics reforms that failed to get a vote, much less a public hearing. As legislators, we must hold ourselves to a higher standard and work together to ensure honest, ethical state government.”


Here are the Senate Republican proposals, which were filed in time for debate during the just concluded fall Veto Session. Unfortunately, they were ignored. (click on the blue text to read the bill)

  • Jason Barickman SB 2297 Allows Legislative Inspector General to start an investigation or issue a subpoena without advance approval from the Legislative Ethics Commission, a panel of lawmakers. (Hasn’t been assigned to committee.)

  • Dan McConchie SB 2300 Prohibits a member of the State Board of Elections from contributing to or being an officer of a state or federal political committee. (Hasn’t been assigned to committee.)

  • Dale Righter SB 2302 Prohibits members of the General Assembly, their spouse or immediate family living with them, from lobbying for compensation. (Hasn’t been assigned to committee.)
Craig Wilcox

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