Sen. Wilcox: ‘Special Session’ may feature rigged outcomes

McHenry, IL. — The Illinois general Assembly is scheduled to return to the State Capitol May 20. Senator Craig Wilcox issued this statement in response to the announcement about a Special Session:

“I’m glad the Governor and Democrat leaders heeded the call by Senate Republicans to return to Springfield. However, while this is a welcome development, I’m concerned about what will likely be limited legislative activity during this ‘Special Session.’ 

I’d like public hearings on the Governor’s Executive Orders which have shut down the State of Illinois, thrown thousands of People out of work, and cancelled school, sporting events, and many other outdoor activities. I’d also like a hearing on the scientists and experts the Governor and state public health officials are relying on for decisions we are told are based on models and data. 

You also can’t ignore the fact that the Democrat party is in complete control of state government. It will be their agenda and their agenda only that will be considered, which ignores the concerns of millions of Illinois citizens who have different political views.​

It’s long-past time for the Legislature to return to their work at the Capitol, but our role as legislators should not be restricted to ensure a desired political outcome.”



Craig Wilcox

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