Senator Craig Wilcox to Lead Senate Republican Caucus on Veterans Affairs Committee

“It is a distinct honor to assume this position of leadership on this important Senate committee,” said Sen. Wilcox. “As lawmakers, we have an obligation to take care of our veterans. These individuals have defended the fabric of our nation and we must ensure they are protected and valued when they retire from duty.”

The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee is comprised of five Senators, and together they will hear and vet all legislation that affects programs, services, health and safety, and other issues involving Illinois veterans.

In addition to serving as the ranking Republican on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, Sen. Wilcox will serve as the Minority Spokesperson for the Senate Local Government Committee, and will serve as a member of the Energy and Public Utilities, Financial Institutions, Human Rights, Labor, State Government, and Transportation Committees.

While no longer serving on the Senate Agriculture Committee, Sen. Wilcox stressed that he will remain a strong voice for Illinois farmers and for the agriculture industry. “Illinois is a national leader in agriculture and agribusiness, and since one of every four Illinoisans works in the agriculture industry, one of the best ways to improve Illinois’ economy and financial standing is to support those who provide jobs in our communities,” added Sen. Wilcox. “My advocacy on behalf of Illinois farmers will continue through a strong legislative agenda and through fierce support of issues that are important to them.”

Craig Wilcox

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