Senator Wilcox Reacts to Mayor-Elect Johnson’s Speech

Today lawmakers got their first glimpse of Chicago Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson’s political and economic agenda when he spoke to a joint session of the Senate and House. Following Johnson’s speech, State Senator Craig Wilcox (R-McHenry) issued the following statement:

“Today the Mayor-Elect outlined an economic agenda that includes historic new costs, but gave no hint of how he will pay for it. I have no doubt he will implement his radical social agenda on the backs of businesses. At a time when we should be welcoming businesses to come to the City, Johnson’s proposals will have the opposite effect and will drive businesses and their employees out. Instead of thinking of new ways to hurt employers, the Mayor-elect would be better off directing his attention on real solutions to the crime problem facing Chicago.

“While Brandon Johnson wants to embrace progressive policies that will drive more businesses and residents out of Chicago and damage the tourism industry, here in McHenry and Western Lake County we support our businesses, and recognize their value in our communities. We do everything we can to help our job creators grow and thrive while always keeping an eye on the overall tax burden. Up here in the northernmost suburbs, we have access to the same transportation systems and other infrastructure, so when businesses and residents decide they’ve had enough, I hope they know that McHenry and Lake Counties will welcome them with open arms.”

Craig Wilcox

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