Senator Wilcox Rejects Democrats’ FY 2025 Spending Plan

On May 26, Senate Democrats pushed through a Fiscal Year 2025 budget that includes record spending and nearly $1 billion in tax hikes. In response to the Senate’s passage of the budget, State Senator Craig Wilcox (R-McHenry), who voted against it, released the following statement:

“Once again, Governor Pritzker and his majority party have disregarded the significant fiscal challenges facing Illinois families by pushing through a budget that imposes approximately $1 billion in new taxes. These added financial burdens are more than working families can bear, exacerbating their already strained finances. This approach highlights a troubling disconnect between the Democrats’ policies and the everyday realities of Illinoisans who are struggling to make ends meet. With the Senate’s passage of this irresponsible budget, spending has increased an astounding $12.8 billion, or 32%, under Governor JB Pritzker.

“By prioritizing tax increases over sustainable financial solutions, the Pritzker administration shows a clear disregard for the economic well-being of the state’s residents. The Democrats’ continued reliance on increased taxation is not only unsustainable but also detrimental to the long-term financial health of Illinois. It’s time for a more balanced approach that respects the financial realities of all citizens and seeks to create a more prosperous future for everyone in our state.”

Craig Wilcox

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