Quick Facts

  • A voter may authorize any person to return their ballot to the election authority, as long as the voter has signed the affidavit on the ballot envelope affirming that authorization was given to deliver the ballot.

  • Voting by mail includes the same obligations as those who vote in the polling place on Election Day.

  • The affidavits on the application and the ballot envelope must be signed. These affidavits attest to the accuracy of the information provided on the application. The affidavit on the envelope also attests to the fact that the voter is voting their own ballot in secret.

  • If the voter receives assistance in voting their ballot, the name and address of the individual providing the assistance must be placed on the ballot certification envelope. Remember that a candidate is NOT allowed to assist a voter unless the candidate is a spouse, parent, child, or sibling of that voter.

  • If application is made electronically and the applicant has properly filled it out, a signature is not required.

  • Any person may produce, reproduce, distribute, or return to an election authority the application for a vote by mail ballot.