Senator Wilcox Issues Statement on Lame Duck Session Votes

Taking full advantage of the 2023 Lame Duck Session, Majority Party Democrats passed several controversial bills with more to come in the waning hours of the 102nd General Assembly. In response to the Democrats’ use of lame duck lawmakers to push through hot-button legislation, State Senator Craig Wilcox (R-McHenry) issued the following statement:

“With the help of Democratic legislators who either did not seek re-election or who were unsuccessful in their re-election bids, Illinois’ Majority Party has pushed through some damaging legislation that places our state squarely on the wrong path. While all Illinoisans are getting clobbered by inflation at the grocery store, gas tax hikes, and exploding energy costs, Democrats snuck through an 18% pay raise for themselves and for Pritzker agency heads. Raises of that magnitude are unheard of, and their brazen action shows how out-of-touch they are with everyday Illinoisans who are really struggling. This 18% comes on top of the more than 2% cost of living adjustment that was received in July. It’s disgusting.

“While refusing to strengthen penalties for those convicted of violent gun crimes, Democrats saw no problem going after law-abiding gun owners with a massive gun ban that has the potential of making felons out of lawful citizens while doing absolutely nothing to address the root causes of gun violence. This bill, like so many coming out of the Illinois legislature lately, will end up in court, where I am confident it will be ruled unconstitutional.

“A bill also passed that stripped away local control from municipalities and counties with regard to wind and solar zoning and permitting. Additionally, we still expect to see legislation that further erodes local control by forcing every Illinois public school district to teach radical sex ed standards and a bill that expands abortion rights and protects those who would perform these procedures.”

Craig Wilcox

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